Why Allegro?

Why Allegro? This unique washing detergent is gaining more and more popularity among users for many reasons!


So let’s look at some of the main reasons, why Allegro gains thousands of new happy users every year in Europe and in Asia. Below are the main reasons and categories why people use Allegro in Singapore, instead of that familiar and heavily marketed brand you can so easily find in your local supermarket.


Obviously the most important benefit of any product in any category is that it solves the initial problem. We use washing detergent to get our laundry clean again, right? Then why would you use a product, which does not accomplish this basic task? People often focus on marketing gimmicks created for them so that they get hooked with secondary features, not even benefits. Who cares if your laundry smells like a flower, if the stains are still there or you can just feel that your favorite blouse is still not clean, even if you just washed it. This totally defies all the logic.

Why Allegro? It is very easy to spot the difference in efficiency and especially with the whites!

Same school uniform, both been used around one year. One washed with Allegro Plus with oxidizing booster and other one with unnamed washing powder containing zeolite. 

The reason why Allegro is now available in Singapore, dates back to 2014. A Finnish man faced the situation where his family’s laundry just didn’t get clean at all. The situation was extremely challenging with the whites. The man knew instantly that Allegro would solve the problem, since he had been working for Electrolux for years as a Training Manager in Finland and he knew a few things about washing machines and laundry. But how to get it imported in Singapore from other side of the world? He decided to run a marketing test, cleared all the red tape and pretty soon a bunch of families were free from their laundry worries, which many of them had struggled with for years, if not even decades. The rest is history-

Allegro delivers. Period. If you knew that there is a washing detergent out there, which easily solves all your laundry issues, why wouldn’t you give it a try? After all, doing your laundry should be an easy and hassle free process, so that you can focus on more important issues in your life. Like your family for example.


Why Allegro? Well, don't we all want the ultimate best for our most vulnerable ones?

Allegro Plus detergent is especially suitable for people with allergies, atopic skin type or asthma. We have numerous families with small children, who can only use Allegro products due to the fact that their children are so poised with different skin disorders. Obviously only the cutting edge product, which is safe for even those with the most sensitive skin! Why would you continue using something harmful? And especially with the most precious ones – with your children. This is one of the main reasons why Allegro has become so popular among moms.

Allegro is great for children’s laundry and cloth diapers. But you don’t have to be a small child to suffer from skin disorders. Unfortunately the latest data reveals that increasing number of people around the world are having some kind of issues with their skin. So, whether you are the person looking after your family with skin disorders or you are the one having them, look no further. The salvation can be as close as your next click of the mouse. Try Allegro Plus now and you will notice the difference.


This is very common feedback we get from our customers. If you have been using traditional, big brand washing detergents and softeners for most of your adult life, you may be accustomed to all kinds of fragrances and other artificial odors. For some people artificial odors are not a sign of a fresh and truly clean laundry. For these people fragrances are like an attempt to hide something, and that’s exactly what they used to do back in the days, remember?

When you wash your laundry with Allegro, you get just clean, fresh and soft laundry. No smells, no nothing. In Singapore especially, where the humidity is so high, even the laundry just out of washing machine or tumble dryer feels damp and basically not clean. With Allegro you don’t have this issue. This is really important to many people and one of the reasons why Allegro has found its way to people’s homes.

Many users have stopped using regular softener all-together! But if you still want to use it with Allegro, we recommend you use Allegro’s own fabric softener!


One of the most rewarding things with Allegro is that your washing machine actually stays clean and there are no bad odors anymore. These have been accumulating inside your washing machine normally due to a detergent, which has zeolite in it.

Now you might have a question what is zeolite, and why it is harmful? Zeolite in industry is made Aluminosilicate minerals (Aluminium, silicate, and major component of kaolin and clay minerals). It stick with the machine and what is more important to understand, it penetrates the fibers of your clothes and stays there. That’s why people are having skin issues with most detergents. Zeolite is also the reason why washing machines can really stink bad in many cases. And in worst cases it creates mold inside washing machine as we live in very hot and humid environment.

Zeolite can be extremely harmful for your washing machine. So much so that professional appliance technicians have evaluated that Allegro could double the life span of your machine. Now that is a massive saving in money, but also in larger scale when we think about environmental issues and sustainability. No wonder why Allegro is gaining popularity all the time.



Easy to check if your washing powder contains harmful chemicals like zeolite, just peek in to your rubber seal.


Since zeolite accumulates all over the place inside your machine, it not only smells bad inside the drum, but it can also cause the heating element to overheat and thus you have a risk of machine fire! This has happened a lot. The good news is that all this can be history for you. Today.

Allegro always comes with Machine Cleaner. It’s sole purpose is to clean your washing machine thoroughly before you start using Allegro on daily basis. This is very important. By applying machine cleaner, you restore your washing machine to its original state (when it comes to cleanliness inside). No more accumulated clay, bad smells and any other disadvantages, which are caused by regular washing detergents.

People are also reporting to us that they no longer have dusty laundry or dark garments with dirty looking stripes etc. Well, that’s because there is no zeolite, which causes all these harmful side effects.


Now you may wonder that this miraculous product must be super expensive, right? With all these benefits, it simply must be so expensive that it makes the manufacturer rich. Actually, the opposite is the truth here. Allegro is very affordable, when compared to many other washing detergents. That’s why Allegro is the brand of choice in thousands of homes in Singapore and in Europe.

Allegro comes in larger than normal package size. It is sold in 8 kg tubs and that goes for a long way. You not only have to purchase your washing detergent less frequently, but since the dosage of this high concentrate is low, you don’t need much to wash a full load. Even with large 8+ kg capacity of machines nowadays, you only need around 30 ml of Allegro to wash your full load! 


MGL4413 this is all you need small

Amount you need for one load.


You can do the math yourself. 30 ml dosage gives you roughly 250 loads! And that’s a lot. We have happy, four person families as customers and one tub can last even 8 months or more if you wash one load per day. I personally mix my Allegro Plus or Eko with tiny bit Allegro oxidizing laundry booster, which is creating small bubbles and taking tougher stains away in a safe way. 

All in all, Allegro does not only wash your laundry clean, but it also helps you to eliminate most of the unnecessary nuisances that comes with dealing with laundry. And it is also very cost efficient. The benefits are numerous and that’s why we believe that it’s everyone’s right to enjoy clean, fresh, odorless and safe washing detergent, which helps you to enjoy life, without spending too much time, money and effort with this simple daily task.

Why Allegro? Because you and your loved ones are worth it!

Your humble servants,

Milla & Jussi

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Why Allegro? This unique washing detergent is gaining more and more popularity among users for many reasons!

Why Allegro?

  So let’s look at some of the main reasons, why Allegro gains thousands of new happy users every year in Europe and in Asia.


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