Our business idea is to produce high quality, enviroment friendly laundry detergents that clean well and don’t cause harm to their users. We strive to support Finnish labour and to protect nature from harmful substances. 


Aimo A. Virtanen founded his first paint factory in Parainen, Finland, in 1959. Since the production of exterior paint only took place during summer, he needed a product that was suitable for year-round production. Hence, the production of Allegro Classic began in Finland, about 15 years ago. We were certain that we had made the right choice when the sales manager of a leading manufacturer of household appliances said the following about our products: “Let’s just say that if a washing machine lasts for 10 years using a detergent like this, it will last 5 years using a normal detergent.”

Since then, we’ve expanded our assortment of products to be even more environmentally friendly and more efficient by launching our most popular detergents: Allegro Plus and Allegro Eko.

Why aren’t we on store shelves?

In the beginning, we occasionally advertised Allegro in newspapers, but since then, our reputation has spread by word of mouth. Internet message boards are brimming with positive customer feedback, this despite us focusing on bulk buyers, such as launderettes. Much to our surprise, our big packages have become popular among stay-at-home mothers and homemakers, who are tired of constantly carrying smaller packages home from the store. It is easier and more ecological to buy bigger packages!

Our biggest customer group has been people who suffer from skin conditions, respiratory issues, and allergies. Mothers who prefer cloth diapers on their babies are also a big group for us. Even people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), have told us that the only detergent they can use, is one from Allegro.

We are now at a stage where our demand and production have grown so big that we have decided to offer our detergents to all people who want them, both in Finland and abroad. This means that we are going to focus even more on the visibility of our brand and on expanding our retail network. You too can support Finnish labour by telling your friends about our wonderful products that are suitable for people with sensitive skin!

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