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Our story started in 1959, when Aimo A.Virtanen established his first paint factory in Parainen, Finland. Since the paints intended to outdoor use were mainly produced in the summer time, he needed another product, which could be produced all year round.

The idea of a new product brewed in his mind for many years, until around 2000 Allegro Classic washing detergent saw daylight and the production started in Finland. This decision turned out to be a correct one and our products have received a very warm welcome. We have received positive feedback from sales director of a leading home appliance company, internet discussion forums and house moms.

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Anu Kiiski

After the generational change, I took over the family business. We still manufacture our washing detergents in the same facilities in Parainen. From there we ship our products all over the world, including Singapore! It has been remarkable to notice that people appreciate the quality of the Finnish labour globally and obviously we are going to continue on this very same path in the future, too.

For me the nature and homely, clean environment is close to my heart. My previous job as landscape designer and gardener teacher has been very dear to me. I believe that everyday small green choices have a big impact on our environment and also to peoples’ wellbeing. Now that I am facing new challenges and opportunities, I want to make these ecologically meaningful choices also here at Allegro.

That’s why I am so happy to say that we can use safe Allegro products with clear conscience and we know that they do no harm to users nor the nature. Even your washing machine functions better and we can expand its life span – thanks to our zeolite free detergents. It’s great to be able to save money and the nature at the same time!

It is important for us that our washing detergent is suitable for all of us, from baby to grandma, and especially for people with sensitive skin and allergies. It has been quite tough for them to find a washing powder, which doesn’t cause any skin reactions. And this is the reason why we don’t use zeolite, fragrances, artificial colour substances or preservatives in our products. It has been wonderful to be able to use a detergent with my own children’s clothes, ever since they were small babies and they have never suffered from any kind of skin reactions.

Our reputation has been spreading organically. People have been recommending our products to each other. In the beginning we focused on big customers, such as launderettes, for their need for bigger packages.

We have been happy to notice that our detergents have found their way into regular households, too. Mothers, fathers and nannies have appreciated bigger packages, because then they don’t have to shop the products so often. To serve our customers even better, we have also launched a web shop in Singapore and the products are being delivered right at your front door by our representative there!

The purpose of this blog

We want to bring us closer to you. We hope that you get the know us a little better and the values we represent. Our blog will cover the wide range of topics. For example, we will give you hints and tips on how you can take better care of your clothes and other textiles at home and maybe what you need to take into consideration in order to secure clean laundry day after day. And we will not forget families with small children, since doing the laundry in a family with kids is a daily chore and all hints are sure welcomed.

Furthermore, we are going to cover the topic that is very close to our heart – our nature. We will provide you tips on how we can all affect our nature in a positive way.

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It would be fun if we could also interact with you. So, if this blog for example prompts any questions or thoughts in your mind, please check our Facebook page and engage with us and other users. Share your ideas and experiences and connect with other happy users. Or if you have good ideas, what you would like us to cover, please let us know! Have you encountered some really difficult stains, which have caused you a lot of trouble and can’t get rid of them?

Hope to see you here again soon. Have an amazing day!

Sunny regards,

Anu Kiiski (Aimo’s daughter)

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